Company History

At the time we were founded, frequent typhoons in the Kyushu region were causing extensive damage to the telecommunications network, but there were no manufacturers supplying electrical wires in the Kyushu area, so we had to quickly establish a supply base. Naoto Yoshida , our founder, was encouraged by the Ministry of Telecommunications at the time (now NTT) to manufacture rubber-coated electrical wires to restore communications. Keenly aware of the great public benefit from such an enterprise, our founder founded Kyushu Electrical Wire Corporation (our predecessor) in 1951. The company name was later changed to DYDEN CORPORATION in 1963.


An Era of Founding and Establishment:
An electrical wire manufacturer based in Kyushu


  • 1951

    Launched as Kyushu Electrical Wire Corporation
    Contracted by the Ministry of Telecommunications (now NTT)
    as a manufacturer and started business at the same time

  • 1952

    Opened a branch in Tokyo

  • 1953

    Built a vinyl plant

  • 1957

    Opened a branch in Kyushu

  • 1960

    Built a copper plating plant

  • 1961

    Technological tie-up with Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
    Opened a branch in Kansai

  • 1962

    Opened our Sales Office in Chugoku region

  • 1963

    The company name was changed to DYDEN CORPORATION

  • 1965

    Built a communications cable plant at our Kurume Plant

  • 1967

    Built an aluminum wire plant

  • 1968

    Built a compounding plant

  • 1969

    Opened our Saga Plant


An Era of Growth and Development:
Business expansion beyond electrical wires


  • 1970

    Established the Special Products Department (now the Industrial Equipment Department) and began full-fledged forays into areas other than electrical wires and cables

  • 1972

    Built a telecommunications cable plant at our Saga Plant

    Started our hydraulic valve business

  • 1973

    Started our battery indicator business

  • 1977

    Established our Takamatsu Branch Office (now the Shikoku Sales Office) and Naha Branch Office (now the Okinawa Sales Office)

  • 1978

    Built a precision machinery plant at our head office plant

  • 1983

    Began the manufacture and sales of optical fiber cables

    Started our robot cable business

  • 1985

    Opened our Kamimine Plant

    Began full-fledged forays into the area of power cables for peripherals

  • 1986

    Built a compounding plant at our Saga Plant

  • 1989

    Established the Data Transmission Department (now the FA & Robot Cable Division)

  • 1990

    Established the Information & Telecommunications Department (now the Network Equipment Department)

    Built an electronic wire plant at our Kurume Plant

  • 1992

    Started our media converter business

  • 1998

    Built a mixed-use building (electronic wire plant no. 2) at our head office plant

  • 2001

    Began the manufacture and sales of low wind-pressure wires

  • 2003

    Built electronic wire plant no. 3 at our Kurume Plant

  • 2006

    Technological tie-up with the Electronic Wire Division of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


An Era of Innovation and Challenges:
DYDEN, a global company in Kyushu


  • 2007

    Started the reorganization of our 3 plants in Kurume, Saga, and Kamimine (our production sites) and built a new precision machinery plant and a chemical synthesis plant at our Kamimine Plant/p>

  • 2008

    Built electronic wire plant no. 4 at our Kurume Plant

  • 2011

    Established DYDEN Robot Cable (Kunshan) Corporation

  • 2015

    Opened the R&D Center

  • 2017

    Built plant no. 2 at DYDEN Robot Cable (Kunshan) Corporation

  • 2020

    Established the DYDEN Educational Foundation

    Opened our Nakabaru Plant