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Our response to the proposed restriction on the use of PFAS

1. Proposed Restrictions on the Use of PFAS

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has released a proposal to restrict the use of PFAS in March 2023.

PFAS is the generic name for organofluorine compounds, of which there are said to be more than 10,000 types.

If the proposal to restrict the use of PFAS is officially adopted, PFAS will no longer be allowed to be used in products that are subject to restrictions in Europe.

At present, "Wires and cables" are included in the PFAS use restriction proposal, and there is a possibility that the use of cables for mobile applications that use fluoropolymers such as ETFE, PFA, and FEP will also be restricted.

2. Our Response

There is a possibility that the use of our movable cables and other products that use fluoropolymers will also be restricted. However, in addition to fluoropolymers, we also have a lineup of cables with special elastomers and cross-linked PE insulation(non-PFAS), and we continue to work on research and development of better insulation materials.

If restrictions on the use of PFAS are decided, we will consult with customers who use cables containing fluoropolymers about switching to other types of cables.