Flat Cable - Fused or Bonded Robot cables -

Product Features

Flat cable is ideal for use in cable guides!
It is also possible to create various combinations with air tubes, etc.
In addition, this cable can be separated without special tools, and terminal processing is also easy!

Product Name

Fusion type or Bonding type・・・FH-〇〇〇

Integral molding type・・・F-〇〇〇

※〇〇〇 is the product name of the cable used for Flat cable.

Why are Flat cables ideal for use in cable guides?

Flat cable is a product made by fusing or bonding multiple cables together.

If multiple cables are wired and operated within the cable guide, the cables may become entangled with each other due to the cable guide's operation, leading to an accidental disconnection.

However, by using Flat cable, even if the cable guide operates, the cables will not get tangled with each other, preventing accidental disconnections!

Additionally, using Flat cable makes it easier to wire to the cable guide, contributing to a reduction in wiring man-hours.

About robot cables used for Flat cable

We will propose robot cables to be used for Flat cable according to customer requests.

Combination with air tubes is also possible, so if you are considering this, please feel free to contact us from the inquiry page.