【No cable guide required!】RMBTⅡ - Bonded Robot Cables with Block-

Product Features

  • RMBT can operate independently without a cable guide! (Max ~1,500mm)
  • It also reduces dust and noise, contributing to space savings!

    Difference with RMBT


    The block that is combined with RMBTⅡ has a new shape with an added bending radius correction function.

    This new block shape dramatically improves stability. In addition, we have achieved a maximum stroke of 1.5m. (RMBT maximum 1m)

    Bending radius50~110mm

    Block Size and Performance

    LengthWidthThicknessWeightMinimum Bending RadiusMaximum   stroke
    20mm58mm7mm11g/pcs50mm or 75mm1,500mm

    IPA Certification
    (Data from the test of dust amount)

    RMBT II has been certified as a cleanliness class based on "ISO14644-1" as shown in the table below.

    About the robot cables used for RMBTⅡ

    We will propose robot cables for use with RMBTⅡ according to customer requests.

    Combination with air tubes is also possible, so if you are considering this, please feel free to contact us from the inquiry page.