【Cleanliness Class1】CleanTop - Clean room-ready low-dust robot cables -

Product Features

CleanTop has ISO class 1 cleanliness and is ideal for use in clean rooms where dust is a concern.
Also, this can run independently up to a stroke of 800mm!

About The Structure

Fluorine Sheet (POD) Lineup

CleanTop has a structure that incorporates a fluorine sheet(POD) into Flat cable.
This structure increases wear resistance.

POD External Width
(Internal Width)
Cable Width
Structure 140(48)~30
Structure 260(68)30~50
Structure 380(88)50~70
Structure 4100(108)70~90

About Wear Resistance

CleanTop has significantly improved wear resistance compared to PVC jacket cables.

IPA Certification
(Data from the test of dust amount)

CleanTop has been certified as a cleanliness class based on "ISO14644-1" as shown in the table below.

About the robot cables used for CleanTop

We will propose robot cables for use with CleanTop according to customer requests.

Combination with air tubes is also possible, so if you are considering this, please feel free to contact us from the inquiry page.