RMH-CAT6Ⅱ(AWG30) - Robot Cables for Lan (Category6) -

Product Features

  • RMH-CAT6 II meet the Category 6 standard(Compatible with EtherCAT / PROFINET)
  • Additionally, this cable has a high durability of over 20 million cycles!

    Product Name

    RMH-CAT6Ⅱ AWG30/4P

    Compliance Specifications

    UL758(Appliance Wiring Material) -20276 (80℃、30V)


    Diameter of Insulation0.62mm
    ShieldShield Tape and Braid
    JacketFlame Retardancy, Oil Resistance, Lubricating PVC (Black)
    Approx. Overall Diameter4.8mm
    Maximum Transmission Distance 15m
    Characteristic Impedance85~115Ω (at1~250MHz)


    ±90° BendingR=38mmMore than 20 million
    TorsionR=40mmMore than 20 million
    U Bending±180°、L=300mmMore than 20 million

    ※These results are from our internal test and not a guaranteed value.