• Electrical Wires and Cables

Reasons for material selection and composition of conductors and insulators

1. Selection of conductors

Conductor materials

Conductors are essential for transmitting electricity, so naturally they are an important component of a robot cable.
We use copper as a material for the 3 following reasons.

(1) Low resistance
(2) Cost considerations
(3) Light weight

Conductor composition

In order to prevent disconnection, the wire consists of multiple, fine 80-micron twisted strands.

2. Selection of insulators

Insulator materials

In order to prevent disconnection, the insulator material is firm and smooth.

If the insulator is pliant, it will bend in places and lead to premature disconnection.
Sticking can disrupt the consolidated state of an insulated wire core and cause disconnection.

We use special elastomers, ETFE, cross-linked polyethylene, etc. as insulation materials that are firm and smooth.

3. Selection of robot cables

All of our series of robot cables that have been selected and manufactured for the above reasons have bending and twisting properties that make them resistant to disconnection.
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